So, having gone through the last game I realize that I haven’t posted an update yet! For shame, I say, directing the comment to myself in a way that is not strange at all. The update itself, unfortunately, isn’t too big though as the game itself was largely finishing up what they were doing then leveling/spending  well earned experience. What update there is, is under the cut.

The last time we had played my players were in the sewers trying to think of what to do next. Honestly, not a lot happened. They got healed, talked to an astropath and then got a ride up to their space ship. The only real dangers that could have led to death were all down to NPC’s; their pilot vs the enemy pilots. I felt that it would be a bit unfair to have them die to some NPC because of their NPC so I just let them get away with it.

So they actually choose to leave the planet and try to hunt down the Halo Devices, either to sell or keep, they haven’t decided just yet. Their first goal appears to be to learn more about what a Halo Device is, and to do that they require a place where they are likely to find forbidden information. For some reason the planet of Adepts has been on my mind lately, and so when they were asking for places to find the info I actually blurted it out and happily they latched onto it. 

Now my mind races with ideas about librarians fighting in dark bookstacks, attempting to take new areas to store info at knifepoint. My plan is to have the info they need guarded in a small fortress by a small group of beleaguered adepts. The group can decide which side to go with; those who think the info is irrelevant so will happily give it to them before destroying it or the group is trying to protect it and will happily share it if it means they are saved.

I’m also readying myself to unleash the first real antagonist on them, a pyromancer who believes he is seeking out corruption wherever it might exist and purging it with his cleansing mind flames. I’m already working on some ideas (And I made his character a long time ago for fun, but loved it so much I figured I would keep it in mind). His name is Krazius the Witch Burner I think.

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